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Nicole Karen Esposito

Vice President of Global Marketing and Market Access, LimaCorporate

Nicole Karen Esposito

Nicole Karen Esposito is the Vice President of Global Marketing and Market Access for the Italian multinational company, LimaCorporate, leading manufacturer and provider of total joint replacements in Orthopaedics.

Nicole is an Italian-American living in Italy for the past 20 years with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Master’s in Biotechnology.

Her career started in Regenerative Medicine research in Boston, where she worked on diverse projects from skin and adipose to bone and cartilage tissue engineering. This lead Nicole to her passion for Orthopaedics and transition to Marketing, which gave her the opportunity to drive evidence-based data and strategies to bring highly innovative devices to the market and successful launch thereafter. Nicole has held diverse leadership positions in Orthopaedic companies both in Italy and the US, from private equity to public companies.

Today, Nicole is responsible for the Brand Management, Marketing Communications and Training teams as well as the Regulatory and Clinical functions.

She thrives on teamwork and customer engagement while always looking to be one step ahead of the curve. When not at work, Nicole spends her free time playing sports as well as volunteering in different countries.

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