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Angela Brennan

Creative Director,

Angela Brennan

For more than a decade Angela Brennan (Lysytsya) has been one of the most sought after designers in both the Ukrainian and Russian markets. Her creativity has crossed the boundaries of Costume Designer to the stars, including renowned modern-day artists and celebrities to the designer of Eurovision Finalists, Miss Universe contestants to Creative Director for live television programs, film and theatre productions.

From early childhood, Angela was captivated by drawing and creating in every sense. After graduating from the University of Design, which included studies in St. Petersburg, Russia, Angela embarked on her dream career as a Fashion Designer, which would take her on a journey within Europe and Asia to explore and develop the creative fire that has always burned inside her from such a young age. She still believes that the ability to draw a person from all angles and poses, studying proportions, colour relationships, light and shadows, as well as the knowledge and appreciation of the importance of art and costume history, enables her to transform her ideas from the sketch into reality, to convert and polish her experience in AI personal styling system for VERRYYOU startup.

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