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Sandra Mittica

Social Impact, DEIB and Partnerships @Howspace

Sandra is a leader in tech, who is passionate about working with purpose, creating a positive change in business and her interaction with others, doing impact at scale through tech and creating genuine connections with other people by empowering them.

In the span of the past 15 years, Sandra has grown as a leader by building meaningful interactions with others, building new ventures from scratch, by coming up with innovative business opportunities in new industries and working in a cross-cultural environment in various countries.

In addition to the above, since 2017, Sandra has enjoyed mentoring and coaching others on how to reach their goals and confidently make the right decisions for a more wholesome life.

As a former entrepreneur, Sandra’s true calling is to work on social change initiatives including gender equality, DEIB and sustainability projects and as such she has worked with projects that support the livelihoods of women in fragile contexts by supporting their entrepreneurship.

A people-person and super connector, Sandra’s advocates being fearless and embracing change, seeking to inspire a positive change in others and her community.

Sandra Mittica
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