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Phaedra Chrousos

Chief Strategy Officer, Libra Group

Phaedra Chrousos is the Chief Strategy Officer of Libra Group, where she is responsible for a broad portfolio of cross-Group initiatives that allow her and her team to work collaboratively across the Group and its subsidiaries. Her latest mandate is to weave technological innovation, from new use cases to early-stage investments, into the Group’s corporate platform, ultimately helping catalyze the uptake of transformative technologies across the world.

Phaedra is driven by the fundamental belief that technological and scientific innovation can solve some of the generational-defining challenges of the 21st century. Her belief is grounded in her experience as a 2x venture-backed technology founder and in her role as a political appointee for the United States Obama Administration, where she led and scaled several of the President’s digital initiatives, co-founded the Technology Transformation Service, and co-authored the Modernizing Government Technology Act that established the federal government’s $1B Technology Modernization Fund.

Phaedra Chrousos
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