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Nikolina Markota Vukić

President, Croatian Institute for CSR; Member of EFRAG; Mandated body of the European Parliament for the development of EU SR standards.

In 2016, Nikolina received her doctorate at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Zagreb in the field of CSR and sustainability reporting, and today she is a president of the Croatian Institute for CSR and member of the European Advisory Group for Financial Reporting (EFRAG), a mandated body of the European Parliament for the development of EU sustainability reporting standards.

During many years of work in the field of non-financial reporting, she is consulting companies in private and public ownership in preparing sustainability reports. She is an advocate of the systematic collection of ESG data, which resulted in the development of the IDOP Platform digital solution for compiling sustainability reports according to GRI Standards. She holds numerous training courses and publishes scientific and professional works in Croatian and internationally recognized journals covering the topics of sustainability reporting and sustainable finance.

Nikolina Markota Vukić
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