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Nadiya Bilous

Senior Legal and Public Policy Executive

Nadiya is experienced Board Member, working for Fortune 500 FMCG Company, as Legal and Government Affairs strategy, Security and Risk Management, 12 countries in EMEA. Nadiya has been in international law firm practice and public service.

She is a top tier international lawyer, holding Master’s degree in international law, and a degree in International Relations. Nadiya has a solid track record of dispute resolution and strategic litigation.

She is FSA Alumni; Aspen Institute (USA) Alumni, INSEAD Alumni - certified Program on Corporate Governance, LSE Alumni - Santander Scholarships Women | W50 Leadership.

She has been named as top Ukrainian Women in Law, part of Women in Law.

Young talent mentor – Business Camp for Talented Youth, “Integrites for Lawyers”, women mentor at Progresiya (female development program)

Represented Ukrainian and Eastern European business during WEF in Davos; Chatham House (London, UK), ACC, ECC, Uzbek-British Trade Investment Chamber, LSE W50 Women Leadership Summit etc.

Nadiya is the Advocacy Lead for Dattalion – the volunteer project, founded by Ukrainian women.

Nadiya is also part of EWOB (European Women on Board) C Level program, a winner of German Marshall Fellowship (fellow 2022-2023 ).

Nadiya Bilous
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